I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I live in Colorado Springs, and I have Autism.

I always felt a little different and I knew I was more sensitive than others and had trouble picking up social cues. How did I know that much detail? I didn’t, but I did constantly feel foggy and like I wasn’t given the correct script for the life I was being asked to live. I would say wrong things or get really excited and then I would do something that would freak others out, like clap my hands excessively or express an emotion without using the socially acceptable vernacular.

I found out when I was in my early 20s that I probably had Autism, so I began to read about it and a lot of things began to click. After a few years in the workforce, it began to take its toll on me with obstacles I couldn’t seem to overcome and my anxiety and depression getting worse and worse. Eventually, I sought to get an official diagnosis so I could use it to get the care I needed and put my finger on exactly what was going on.

Now I know what’s going on, I figured there was not much more to discuss and I could go about my business. My anxiety and depression were medicated, but that didn’t solve things. I found out about Neurofeedback and that really turned things around. You can read more about Neurofeedback.