I have autism. There are challenges I face, and there are differences in my brain compared to someone who is Neurotypical. I strive to educate people on the difference in order to accept autism for what it is, a different way of living.

Courtesy of Medical News Today

Many people see those with autism as needing to be fixed in order to be ‘normal’. The research even leans that way and encourages those results. Research started with trying to understand the brain and how it was different than a normally functioning one. The intentions were good, but the expected outcome is not.

The brain scans of healthy brains show areas of stress and impacted functioning, which are definitely problem areas. These problem areas are what causes the anxiety and depression and other stress symptoms. The goal should be to fix the problem areas so the individual doesn’t experience the higher level of stress than is normal and can easily manage those symptoms on a daily basis. These symptoms keep them from living normal lives and thriving in how they were built.

A goal of research and therapy is often to rid them of their coping skills and teach them to function as we expect of humans. This is where things go wrong because if we delve deeper into the scans of the brain, we understand that everyone is wired differently and to teach them a certain way is to choose not to take advantage of the skills an individual has. We should be supporting their brain development, not molding it into X or Y versions. That’s what I can help with.