Often, you go to a corporate site and it is pretty much useless unless you are hunting for a job. There is some information about what they do and some social media icons for you to connect with them, but the content on those channels is just a one-way blast of info.

As consumers, B2B or otherwise, we want to hear opinions and be educated on a company before buying from them. Companies have started to realize this and have hired a social media person or a digital team to manage the channels, putting out the same content no one likes. How do you fix this and help a company develop it’s own character and personality?

Our Role as Digital Marketers

As digital marketing people, we are expected to come up with great content from start to finish complete with a great design. Meanwhile the rest of the company is busy doing what they do best, not communicating or sharing any information with the digital team. The role of digital marketing is to break down this barrier and show consumers what lies behind clever logo and puffy mission statement.

Digital marketing people should start talking to employees and create a flow of information, serving as a translator. By giving them this freedom, great content can be found and created from within the company. It already exists and just has to be given the right platform.

Get Away from the Desk

Companies have lots of departments and cubicles set up to organize people into nice, neat rows. This is helpful when you employ lots of workers, but it doesn’t encourage socializing or collaboration of any kind. A social media person who spends a large portion of the day sitting behind the desk isn’t doing anyone any good.

They should step away and start meeting people and mixing between departments. This will help them to learn about what everyone does and come up with great content ideas. By shaking things up and getting rid of silos, the digital team will become more in tune with the workings of the company and be able to get the great ideas out there.