So you might think that only small companies or truly “modern” companies have the time or ability to write great content. They are the only ones capable of building an audience and you just have to be content with that because your company just isn’t set up for it.

That’s not how change works.

In order for those companies to have the time and ability to product great content, they structure themselves for it. It doesn’t just magically happen, which means it is not innate and any company has the option available to them.

Weekly meetings

Now before you start complaining about yet another meeting, this one is actually useful. Instead of having staff meetings where only the manager talks and employees are afraid to share their opinions, this one is different. Have a meeting dedicated to brainstorming blog ideas and following up on blogs and outlines. This helps employees who might be having writer’s block, but also starts the spreading of knowledge and ideas to create great content.

Set Aside Time to Write

This might seem obvious but people often forget about blogging when there is “real” work to be done. I worked for two development companies and often, direct labor was chosen over writing blogs because it meant a direct reward in profits. I am not saying that isn’t valuable, but it might be worthwhile to setting aside a couple hours a week to write content.

This content could be blogs or it could be white papers or “how-to’s”. The idea is to use the form that works for the audience and for the writer.

Give them Something Worth writing About

A lot of companies say they want people to start writing content, but then they slap a bunch of restrictions on it. There could be a list of banned topics to write about or a strict format for the content. This really hampers creativity, but companies are often afraid of giving freedom that might tarnish the brand.

The good news is that if you trust your employees, they probably are worth trusting and won’t tarnish the brand because it would backfire and hurt their job. A person who is interested in helping the company grow and investing time into that effort will want to write content that is honest and helpful.

Employees have opinions about their jobs and areas of expertise, why not let that show to demonstrate how awesome your company is?