Sanding and Degreasing

I’ve been working on sanding and cleaning up the pieces in preparation for painting. There are lots of pieces to work on. I thought I need to sand away all the paint so that’s what I did for the radiator except the metal grate, and then I started on the neck piece that holds the gas tank. After reaching out for advice to the person who had the tractor before, Rory, he said sanding down to bare metal might not be necessary. Glad I only got so far on that tactic before needing to change my path.

I got some degreaser that works like a charm. It cleaned up the radiator bottom so I could sand the rest of the grime away, and I also finished most of the gas tank holder. The flap to access the tank won’t open as the metal has warped and won’t allow it to open. Need to find another way to open that.

In the meantime, I prepped to degrease a larger portion of tractor like the engine block, putting down a plastic tarp. Glad it’s getting warm so I can open the garage when I will be using this chemical in a larger quantity.

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