ClikFocus is a custom website development company that specializes in building websites using the open source CMS, Drupal. I was hired to jump start their social media and grow their existing blog content as well as help draft and send out project proposals.

I worked to increase lead generation through digital channels. Their main method of lead generation was Google Adwords, which I combined with social media to target those looking for a custom website.

A few months after I got used to Google Adwords, the type of leads that came through started to decrease in quality. I worked, using some Adwords tool to improve various metrics in Adwords and rework content to get things back on track.

Meanwhile, I was involved in drafting and submitting proposals to prospective clients. This was a mixture of editing and gathering the necessary technical details to fit exactly what the client needed. I was able to work with our project manager and developers to understand the technology I was working with so I could build the content on our site, from white papers to blogs.

Below are some of the things I wrote, to get a feel for how I work.

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