This is my most current marketing role and one that has been both challenging and exciting. I am responsible for creating the entire digital marketing content strategy for PictureBooth in Colorado and implementing it with a team of content creators and developers/designers that help bring my ideas to life.

PictureBooth is an expert in photobooth technology and event planning and a lot of our customers are brides planning their wedding. Because brides often hire a wedding planner or go through an event planning company to find all the individual pieces, most of our main customers are event planners with whom we have created affiliate relationships.

Even though PictureBooth had cornered the country music industry and most of the overall music industry because it started in Nashville, it has yet to reach out to bigger brands and expand the use of not only it’s core product of the photobooth, but also it’s proprietary technology that enables clients to easily connect a booth to the internet to send pictures and manage their inventory.

I enabled affiliates with the right materials for education and learning to effectively and efficiently provide their clients with booths for their events as well as ensure every booth in their inventory is fully utilized. This involves understanding exactly what an event planner or wedding planner needs and what they deal with, so that we can help solve their problems as it relates to photobooths and helping their clients realize the potential of a digital, portable, photobooth system.

Check out the marketing plan I wrote to get PictureBoothCo started in Colorado.