I was only at this position for a short time until we had to close the company, but I learned a lot about marketing and immensely more about scheduling and organizing development projects.

Working daily with developers using a low-tech program to organize project tasks helped me to see how all the pieces fit together, from architecture to design and how developing an app coincides with developing the website that supports it. I learned a lot about how to work with clients and what issues arise during the course of the project, from scope creep to questions about functionality and design.

One of the most important lessons I learned was how to manage a team. While you need to let them have freedom, you also need to provide structure and accountability so they know they can’t slack off without others being aware or having consequences for their actions.

Below are the papers I wrote analyzing Synapse Software and how I would improve it. You can visit their website to find some blogs that I wrote and see the site I helped design.