I help companies struggling to get known online through social media. By examining their business goals and their current digital assets and strengths as a company, I can build an entire strategy and take it from beginning to end through implementation and the analysis of results that help us rework and improve going forward.

Seeing the big picture and managing all the details is a challenge and skill I have honed working with smaller companies that required me to wear many hats and perform multiple functions of digital marketing, including strategy.

Website Administration

I have worked with both Drupal and WordPress sites to create, manage and edit content. I can help with some site building and if there is anything that requires extensive development beyond my capabilities, I have trusted developers whom I have worked with before to fill in the gaps.

  • WordPress site building and content management
  • Drupal content management
  • Joomla content management

Content Strategy Creation

This involves creating content for your website and developing the theme that will shape how you interact on social media. I will help you find your company’s voice by talking to key people from marketing to product or service development to get the right content planned and ready to go.

  • Monthly content calendars
  • Content outlines and/or scripts (for videos)

Social Media Management

I will schedule the content that needs to go out and help monitor the channels as your audience starts to engage with you. I prefer to maintain a strong connection to your company so that in case of a customer service emergency or complaint, we can handle it effectively so it gets fixed.

  • Daily social media and keyword monitoring
  • Daily and weekly responses to your audience’s engagement on the platform

Email Newsletters

While I want to give you the power to build that relationship with your audience, I can help craft the email template and schedule it so you only have to worry about the replies that go back to your inbox.

  • Monthly newsletter content outlines (more often if necessary)
  • Monitoring of important analytics for improvement